Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Man Quilt {Top} Finished

The plan for this one was to make a quilt for my husband that is intent to be used on the boat,
using a range of fabrics that would give a manly look and bring fun and pleasant contrast to the entire beige cabin.
The materials I used; different prints from Parson Gray, not what I would usually pick...but since this one has a very masculine purpose, it's just perfect.
I added some Shot Cottons and other prints,
 Different black shades and dark grays for the background.
I couldn't think of anything else for a man...totally appropriate.:)

I had in mind a simple design and finally settled on Ups And Downs from Sarah Fielke's book;
Hand Quilted With Love

I did all the cutting first, quite unusual for me but since the fabrics was going to be put together randomly, it was better to have all the pieces cut up beforehand,
well mixed and divided into separate piles.

{Assembling the block}
When I first started to sew these blocks together, I was doing a 9 patch block as suggested by Sarah and then I decided to go with a 36 patch block, I don't know...I guess I saw some advantage doing it this way. So instead of making 100 nine-patch blocks, I made 30 36-patch blocks...
Sounds better doesn't it?
I first arrange the various pieces randomly in a way that looks good to me,
No particular technique here, all put together by a web piecing method.

Sometimes, even if you are super get something that look like this;

 I personally don't like to leave it like this, undo a few stitches takes only a few seconds,
then sew it back correctly.

It's quite big...90 X 90 inches

My husband surprised me with a new camera last weekend, it takes really good pictures.:)

Best, Maryse

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

AMH Honeycomb {quilt top finished}

I have been wanting to do something with these fabrics for a while,
this is the second attempt actually...
Earlier this year I started a quilt-along using this fabric collection and didn't get far with it,
It just didn't feel right and has been put aside.
These fabrics work so well all together. Isn't it pretty?

Very recently, I was going trough this book I forgot I had;
  Fresh*Quilting by Malka Dubrawsky
And saw this beautiful Honeycomb Quilt, I was inspired...
I thought it had AMH Field Study writing all over it...

Here, sewing the hexagons together into columns...

Then, sewing columns together...

By the way, I love my large ironing board. All it is is a piece of plywood (22 X 59") covered with cotton batting and canvas. It just sits on top of my regular ironing board and, lay against the wall when I am not using it. I made this one myself last summer.

Then, sewing the columns together...

Have you ever made your own Spray-Starch?
 I finally gave it a try and I honestly think I won't need to buy Spray-Starch again.
It works just as good as "the popular brand" and very inexpensive to make and best of all,
Contains no chemicals.
There are a few recipe out there, pretty much one and the same, but this one caught my attention.
I used a drop of lavender essential oil and, it smell so good when ironing.

*I felt the need to come back to this post and add this;*

{Two things; I believe that the fact this mix is heated keeps the starch from separating from the water and falling in the bottom for a lot longer period of time. And when used on darker fabric, it doesn't leave a white residue on the fabric.}

It was relatively quick to put together and not that difficult at all.

I think I will hand quilt this one...

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