Wednesday, April 22, 2015

WIP and Creative Space Tag

There is a new game in Blogland and it's called Creative Space Tag.
 It's very easy, you tag someone and then the tagged one has to tag someone else to show us their creative space. You can read about it here and here 
Julie is my new quilty friend, she is the instigator of this game and she blog @ Pink Doxies.  Julie went first last week showing us her fabulous sewing space. Being tagged, it's now my turn this week to invite you in and show you mine. So please, follow me upstairs ...

My sewing room is located in the loft, it was my husband's office for a while then it became a guest room and little by little it became my sewing space. I love it up there. It's been rearranged a few times this year, but I think I finally like the organization. I had to tidy up a little for the photo shoot ... it doesn't always look like this, this is as good as it gets.

It is well lighted, the skylights give me natural light and I also  changed the existing can light bulbs for OttLite bulbs earlier this year and what a difference it makes especially at night. 
(every now and then you can get OttLite products half price at Joann)

My complice in crime ... She is the best! It's a Janome 6600. It sits on a computer desk also bought at IKEA a few years ago. 

Work in progress in the back, I am working on a Swoon. Six more blocks to go. 

One thing I lack in my sewing room is storage. I need more storage!! All my fabrics are stored in plastic bins for now. 

I have this huge wall space and a few years ago, with the help of my husband, I installed my design wall ... I bought a piece of the cheapest extra-wide white flannel I could find, I sewed two broad hems wide enough to pass a wood rod, top and bottom. It holds in place with large sticky hooks ... It works well for now, but it isn't perfect, It gets hot up here sometimes and I found my design wall on the floor a few times ... So this will need to be changed sooner or later. I like Julie's design wall and might steel her idea. 

My cutting table was bought at IKEA years ago ... I love the extendable legs and it's such the perfect height to work without hurting my back and it's also nice to be able to move around the table. 
Another thing I couldn't live without is my large ironing table, it's just a piece of plywood covered with batting and canvas laying on top of a regular ironing board. 

It's a blessing to have a place where you can just leave everything and pick up where you left the next day. I hope you all enjoyed the visit and make sure to visit future tags ... It will be fun to see all the different spaces even if it's the kitchen table ...

So to keep the game going, I am tagging my friend Lara @ BuzzinBumble, I am thrilled she accept my invitation to play along. I love Lara, she is one of the kindest people in Blogland she is very dear to me, she makes me smile, she is very talented and I can't wait to see her creative space. 

Have a great week everyone!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Granny Square {Finished}

 My first finish for 2015! I'm thrilled I can finally scratch this one off the list. This one was on my FAL-Q1 list, but I didn't finish it on time ... Barely a few days after the deadline.:-)

I started this quilt last December while in Canada, you can tell by looking at it that I was influenced by the cold season. The plan was to make a warm and heavier quilt to snuggle under and keep me warm (or whoever gets its hands on it first...)  while watching tv.

The background is made of Essex Linen Blend in Indigo, I used Quilters Dream Wool and Kaufman Flannel in Plum as backing. The heaviness of the Essex Linen, the warm from the wool and softness from the thick flannel delivered ...I also used  different fabrics from Juliana Horner that I bought on a whim. It was a limited palette for me to work with, it was looking rather sad at some point but the addition of the Shot Cotton in Prune in the center of each square add a bit of pizazz.

I practically chose to make this quilt without sashing because of the thickness of the linen blend and to lessen the bulk at intersections. It worked out well using only squares, this way the weight is well distributed, but I had to be careful when ironing, it had a tendency to stretch on the bias.

It was quilted on my Janome 6600, I chose a simple stitch in the ditch with my walking foot. Then I echoed each square with a big stitch using a black cotton pearl no.8

This is the second time I use flannel as backing and I (we) really love how it feels, it's very cozy! Definitely the most comfortable quilt I made so far.

The binding is made of Shot Cotton in Prune ... It's the only thing that is bugging me so far and might redo it if I find the right fabric.

It was quite challenging to photograph, it took me three different photo shoots. The color and texture of the Essex Linen Blend was difficult to capture and finally got the best pictures at the end of the day when the sun isn't so bright.

Have a great week!

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

2015 - Finish Along Q-2

We are at the beginning of the second quarter and It's the time for us doing the FAL to post our proposed list of finishes for the 2015-FAL-Q2.  Let's hope I do better this quarter than during the first one ...
Q-1 was a failure, I worked on different projects but I just didn't finish any of them. "No big deal."

Here is my list for the Q-2:

1 - Granny Square {my way}
It's unfortunate because this one was so close to being completed.  
I am hand stitching the binding at the moment and still have to do some big stitch around a few granny square and it's done. 

2 - Six pointed Star Quilt
 The top is done and has been sitting there for a while. The place where I usually send my quilts here in FL offers only a limited selection of quilting designs and I didn't see anything that trip my trigger ... Looking for a more modern design. I have been learning FMQ on my machine (not very good) and also on a rented longarm which I prefer and do better ... But I don't feel ready to tackle a project like this yet.

3 - The Clamshell
My dear Clamshell, I haven't decided on the backing yet, I've got the thread and should start the hand quilting soon. This quilt is probably the reason I haven't finished anything during the first quarter ... I can't wait to start hand stitching this one.

4 - The Swoon
This is my latest project, the plan was to use the fabrics I had left from Fancy That. I originally bought a fat quarter bundle of Gypsy Caravan and not too long after bought 3$ half yards cuts from an online store that was closing their door. So plenty enough to make another quilt and might have enough for some pillows too. 

That's it for this quarter, let's keep it real this time and keep rooms for new projects ... they always seem to appear. :-)

 To all FAL participants, good luck with your finishes!
Best, Maryse

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

WIP - A Swoon Quilt

April is already here and I am far beyond my to do list ... I haven't completed one project so far this year. I have to remind me that it's ok, this is my quilting journey and it's supposed to be fun.

Anyway, between my Clamshell and my Granny Square, I have been working on a Swoon Quilt. 

After making Fancy That, I had just about enough fabric left to make another quilt.
Gypsy Caravan is an older collection, but it's one of my favorite line by Amy Butler. I love how the colors play together in a project.

I can say now that I have a good start on this one ... I re-figured the size of the block at 22.5 inches and also figured how I want to press those seams ... Here is a picture showing the back of the block ... I always try to press the seams to one side, but it's not always possible ... After a few tries, this is how I ended up pressing the seams.

I have more cutting and more sewing to do ... Fourteen blocks to go.

I hope you all doing well and I wish you a Happy Easter!

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